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The Runescape Klan

What's Goin' On?

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What's new? What's old? What's coming up? What do you think?

You guys wanna speak your mind on the latest Runescape issues and topics? Well here we give the facts and opinions as well as news in Runescape.

Easter Egg Bash!

Fact: In the past week, the Easter bunny has been giving out Easter Rings. When you put it on, you turn into an Easter egg instantly! So what are your opinions on this new addition?

Email me your opinions on this topic to:

Your opinions may be edited to be appropriate

New Scenery

These past few months, there has been some scenery changs. One is the way Falador and Barb Village look. Another one is the squirels and raccoons near the Dwarven Mines. They are also beginning to change the rocks that you can mine. They look the same so they are harder to figure out which ones to mine.

Tell me whats goin' on and I'll add it on this page.

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