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Runescape Supertips

Cheats, Tips, Macros, and Tip sites.

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This is the nitty gritty right here...

If you have a site that includes Runescape, cheats, macro programs, tips, or anything associating with Runescape and want to advertise your site, contact me...
Ricky--CEO, President, Founder
RS Accounts-- jt505fir3 (main), mazzaradi2, Superport92, Durp Darp
So here are your cheats...
--- Sorry no cheats at this time. Site is still partially under construction ---
        Also please submit Runescape sites for this page here. I am low on sites
                                         so each site helps!!!
                                                Thank You!!!

          Warning! These sites may try to scam your Runescape Password or username. Use these cheats at your own risk! I am not liable for any lost passwords or accounts. If you thnk one site is a scam, DON'T try it!
                                           ---Happy Cheating!!!---

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